Friday, February 23, 2018
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Welcome to Dave's Store, the real Backoo Industrial Park!

No automated voice message systems here, (unless our lines are busy), call and talk to Dave, Kent, or Trisha today!

13579 County 1

Cavalier, ND 58220


(F) 877.237.7180

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Dave's Store

About Us

Welcome to Dave's Store! Around here you'll find quite a variety of merchandise; from wire feed welders to electric trains and more.

The store is run by a trio of McCurdys: Dave, son Kent, and daughter-in-law Trisha. Dave has been buying and selling surplus and new hardware since 1980, Trisha joined the mix at the end of 2011 and Kent followed shortly after, at the start of 2012.

The store started as an escape from the more structured business of electric motor repair and is located on a farm in northeastern North Dakota. Dave kept it there to keep the quality of life high. Dave and "Dave's Wife," Deb, raised three kids here and inspired their imaginations as they could stop and see dad any time and could drag him off to help with tree houses and the occasional river raft.

Now those kids are grown, but Kent and Trisha have a little girl of their own and she is growing up around the store. Kadence even has her own office with a train running right through it - you'll have to stop by to see it!

Visitor are always welcome at Dave's Store and free loading is always available!

Hope to see you soon.



Dave on Demand

Dave puts a lot of creativity into making his radio ads entertaining and informative. It would be a shame if all of his ads could only spread joy for a week, or a month. Now you can listen to some of Dave's favorite ads whenever you want - think of it as "Dave on Demand." Just click on your favorite below. Tell your friends.

2017 Radio Ads

CLICK HERE for APRIL - Get a Gift Certificate at Dave's Store

CLICK HERE for MARCH - Stop By If You Need to Be Cheered Up

CLICK HERE for FEBRUARY - Your Newest Club Car Golf Cart Dealer in the Northern Valley

2015 Radio Ads

CLICK HERE - Razors are in! We have sharp merchandise!

Winter 2014 Radio Ads

CLICK HERE - Treat Yourself to a Magical Holiday Shopping Experience

Fall 2014 Radio Ads

CLICK HERE - Skid Steer PreWinter Specials

CLICK HERE - Help Save Dave's Caboose!

CLICK HERE - Kubota Lawn Mower - Only One Left

CLICK HERE - New and Used Hydraulic Carts Available!

CLICK HERE - Everyday is a Holiday at Dave's Store

CLICK HERE - Dave's Got Gas!

CLICK HERE - Dave Has Nice Legs

CLICK HERE - Dave's Wife Says You Can't Buy Happiness

2013 Radio Ads

CLICK HERE - Dave is Multitasking

CLICK HERE - Keeping Dave's Wife Happy

CLICK HERE - Gift Certificates Always Available!

2012 Radio Ads

CLICK HERE - Come to the OPEN HOUSE! Feb. 16 (2012)

CLICK HERE - Dave's Wife Finds Her Voice, Oh, and Dave Has Trains

CLICK HERE - The Salesman Said It was a Good Idea

CLICK HERE - Dave Owes, Dave Owes, It's Off to Work He Goes...

CLICK HERE - Dave's Wife Doesn't Like Dave's Inventory

CLICK HERE - Cash in Before Dave Does

CLICK HERE - A Wish to Be Born Organized Instead of Good Looking

CLICK HERE - Dave's Got Gas

CLICK HERE - Dave's Got Bling

CLICK HERE - Variety is the Spice of Dave's Life

CLICK HERE - Dave Went to Air Compressor School

CLICK HERE - Dave's Wife says, "Don't Mumble!"

CLICK HERE - Between Dave and His Wife, They Can Help You

CLICK HERE - Socket Overload

CLICK HERE - Dave's Wife Says Dave Has Too Much Inventory

CLICK HERE - Dave's Wife's Work is Never Done

CLICK HERE - Get on Dave's Wife's Good Side

CLICK HERE - Dave's Wife Says "Next Time It's an Estate Sale"

CLICK HERE - Make Sure Dave's Okay - and Buy an Air Compressor

CLICK HERE - Dave's Got Skidsteer Toys!

CLICK HERE - Every Day is Father's Day


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